Thursday, August 12, 2010

"My Dad, Walt Disney" by Diane Disney Miller

Q: Walt Disney was the mystery guest on the November 11, 1956 episode of What's My Line? At the end of the show, he tell us that next week, The Saturday Evening Post will feature an article written by his daughter about Walt Disney. I would love to read this article and know more about it.
Marcio Disney, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A [Dave Smith]: Walt referred to the serialized version, "My Dad, Walt Disney," of Diane Disney Miller's biography of her father. It appeared in The Saturday Evening Post for 7 weeks, beginning on November 24, 1956. The book version was entitled The Story of Walt Disney.

[More from Marcio Disney]

Actually it started on November 17, 1956 and you can read the original First and Last [January 5, 1957] article in the PDF below:

And here you can see the "What's My Line" episode with Walt Disney as the Mystery Guest!

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