Monday, July 4, 2011

The A113 Code in Pixar Movies

Q: In the movie WALL·E, the directive not to return to Earth was called A113. In the new movie Toy Story 3, the license plate on a van is shown as A113. What is the significance of this number?
John, Windsor, Connecticut 

A [Dave Smith]: The number refers to the animation classroom at CalArts, where some Pixar students studied.


  1. I knew this interesting detail .
    How to say, Disney has it's "Hiddens Mickey" and Pixar has it's "A 113" !

    But I think I've already seen a A 113 in a Disney Classic Movie, in "The Princess and The Frog" a trolley has this number .

  2. I'll try to find out more about "The Princess..." and I'll update this!!! If you have any more information, just let us know :-D

    And thanks for that :)

    And your picture is my Keychain!!! lol :)

  3. Well, my picture is a pin's at first, but that's all right !
    I've found this link from wikipedia .
    It refers all "A113" in the movies and it confirms the "Princess and the frog" one .

    1. Disney has the same one in pin version and Keychain version.

  4. It's also in Toy Story (1) on the Pizza Planet Truck's license plate, and Lilo and Stitch on the fuel truck's license plate (towards the end of the movie).

  5. It's not a code, it represents the animation classroom at CalArts, where most of them went to.

  6. It's exactly what is written in the post!

  7. From Mission Impossible - Tom Cruise's extraction point co-ordinate after the Kremlin blows up is Alpha 113.

  8. Its even in the brave little toaster!!!

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