Saturday, August 14, 2010

The 70s Electrical Water Pageant

Q: I remember seeing the Electrical Water Pageant at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World in the 1970s and I've heard that its development eventually led to the development of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Was the original music used for the show a version of "Baroque Hoedown," the song later (and still) used for the Main Street Electrical Parade?
Alan, Chicago, Illinois

A [Dave Smith]: "Baroque Hoedown" was indeed originally used by the Electrical Water Pageant in 1971, but in 1972 it was transferred to the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland. Over the almost four decades that the Pageant has been operating, the music it uses has changed many times.

[More Info by Marcio Disney]

This is a vacation video took on feb 23 - mar 1st, 1975.

The music played is a rare recording of the original Electrical Water Pageant (The Electrical Water Pageant is played at night during the light show on Seven Seas Lagoon Lake. It includes footage during the 4th year it was open (Opened 10/1/71), including the Main Street Parade, It's a Small World, and The Hall of Presidents.

The music as heard here was used only in the original 1972 parade at Disneyland and never played in the WDW version!

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