Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Original Admission price to Disneyland & 1st Ticket Book

Q: How much was the original admission price to Disneyland, and when were the ticket books introduced?
Jackie, El Cajon, California 

A [Dave Smith]: The original main gate admission price was one dollar, but that just got one in the gate. Guests had to pay at each individual attraction in the park. Ticket books were first issued on October 11, 1955.

[Marcio Disney

           The first ticket to Disneyland was bought by Roy O. Disney, who for decades kept it in the top desk drawer of his office. It's shown here as a preserved artifact in the Disney Archive. (Christina House/Los Angeles Times)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Little Girl in the First Scene of Carousel of Progress

Q: In the first scene in the Carousel of Progress, a little girl is helping Sarah with the laundry. She is not mentioned by name and does not appear in any other scenes. My discussion board buddies at are dying to know the answer.
Debbie, Hamilton Square, New Jersey 

A [Dave Smith]: She was never named. 

[Marcio Disney

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