Friday, August 27, 2010

Cinderella Cel to Betty Craig

Q: My parents purchased a Cinderella cel. This cel has the original background of the stairway with the Cinderella cel superimposed on the background. The cel was also signed by Frank Thomas, Mark Davis and Ollie Johnston. Before these three cartoonists signed the cel, it was signed by Walt Disney himself. Walt Disney wrote, "To Betty Craig Cordially, Walt Disney." My question is, who is Betty Craig? I have looked everywhere but can't seem to tie her to Cinderella or anything with Disney.
Jonathan, Warminster, Pennsylvania 

A [Dave Smith]:Walt Disney was often asked to sign artwork for business clients or for friends and relatives of Disney employees. We do not know who Betty Craig might be.

Everyday, Disney fans send dozens of questions for Disney Chief Archivist Dave Smith. Here are Dave's answers to your questions. Check back every day for a new post with a new question.

Dave Smith (born October 13, 1940) was the Walt Disney Archives founder and chief archivist which is located in the Frank G. Wells Building at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. He joined the company June 22, 1970. Forty years later, on July 2010, he retired.

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