Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cruise of the Eagle

Q: I am searching for a feature that I think was on The Wonderful World of Disney about 30 years ago. It described the Coast Guard training school and boat rescue at Cape Disappointment in Astoria, Oregon. It may have been filmed to coincide with the release of The Boatniks. Can you give me any more information and is it available for purchase?
Marian, San Pedro, California

A [Dave Smith]: Perhaps you are thinking of Cruise of the Eagle. Here is the entry from my Disney A to Z encyclopedia: "'People and Places' featurette; released on March 19, 1959. The varied and important services of the U.S. Coast Guard are glimpsed. They warn ships of dangerous shoals, keep sea lanes open with icebreakers, face gale and hurricane to accurately forecast the weather in remote areas of the Atlantic and Pacific, and perform rescue services to ships and downed aircraft. We are also told of a training program of men of the Coast Guard and their many hardships. Filmed in CinemaScope. 18 min." The film is not available for purchase.


  1. Do you have the Eagle Cruise to Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Nova Scotia from 1956? My husband sailed aboard the Eagle for this cruise and is interested in seeing the film. Thank you.

  2. I know someone who was aboard the ship as well. I have been trying to track this video down to show him for his 85th birthday this fall.

  3. I was also on this cruise. We all got to meet Ernest Hemingway at the US ambassador's home in Havana. Our escort ships were the first to arrive after the collision of the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm, and aided in the rescue. Joe Venuti mensaxword@juno.com

  4. I serve on the CGC Eagle's 1965 Cruise, we were acompanied by the Cutters Rockkaway and Castlerock. Around June, after navigating across the Panama Canal and heading to san Diego, we picked up a mysterious older gentleman with a cane around Baja. Found out the following day it was Walt Disney. Sat with him for a few minutes and he shared his love of the sea. Arriving in San Diego, the crews of the three ships were give free tickets to Disneland for the week, a great man, and a great time. Edward Poian

  5. very interesting to find out more about this film. Has anyone actually seen it.


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