Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why has Figment left Epcot?

Q: Why has Figment left Epcot? I last took a picture with him by the "leaping" fountains in 2006 and now he is gone. There are traces of his history there, but no more Figment or Dreamfinder, for that matter. What happened?
Connor, San Antonio, Texas 

A [Dave Smith]: Figment is still the mascot of the Imagination pavilion. In 1999, with the premiere of Journey Into Your Imagination, he only had a cameo role. However, after an overwhelming number of guests pleaded for his return, the attraction was refurbished again, and since 2002, Journey Into Imagination with Figment has featured the playful dragon. Dreamfinder holding a small Figment used to pose for photos outside the pavilion until 1998; Figment alone made appearances after 2004, but not recently. 

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