Monday, July 18, 2011

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color - All About Magic

Q: How could one go about viewing an episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color that originally aired on January 30, 1957 entitled "All About Magic"?
Mitch, Cave Creek, Arizona

A [Dave Smith]: Until they are released on DVD, the early Disney television shows are unavailable. But this one was released on The Sword in the Stone (Gold Collection); the DVD was released in 2001. 

[Marcio Disney]

"Walt Disney began hosting his own television show for ABC in 1954 in an unusual contract: Disney provided ABC with a weekly hour-long television program in exchange for funding for the construction of Disneyland. As a result, the television show was also originally named Disneyland. The anthology series has since gone through a number of name changes over the years: Walt Disney Presents, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, The Wonderful World of Disney, Disney's Wonderful World, Walt Disney, The Disney Sunday Movie, and The Magical World of Disney. The series spanned an incredible 54 years—13 seasons of which were hosted by Walt Disney, himself.

Walt shows off some magic tricks with the studio props and then turns the show over to the Slave in the Magic Mirror, who hosts a look at some magic-themed cartoons.

Aired on Wednesday, January 30th, 1957 on ABC at 7:30pm
Aired on Wednesday, June 12th, 1957 on ABC at 7:30pm
Aired on Sunday, October 23rd, 1960 on ABC at 6:30pm (under the heading of Walt Disney Presents)"

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