Monday, November 29, 2010

Disney Undiscovered - Never Built Attractions

Q: In the 23-month calendar given as a membership gift ["Disney Undiscovered"], there are many wonderful never built attractions. But, the one that surprises me the most is that an updated Matterhorn was never built in the World Showcase in Walt Disney World along with the rest of the Switzerland pavilion. Why is this? I feel it would've added more thrill and appeal to young people for World Showcase and Epcot all together as well as drawing more people who were in love with Disneyland.
Amy, Katy, Texas

A [Dave Smith]: There were preliminary plans for many different countries to be added to World Showcase but for a number of reasons we ended up with the 11 countries that we have there today. There is some additional space available, so perhaps other countries might be added later. When World Showcase was planned, the designers were hesitant about adding anything from another Disney park; they wanted Epcot to be unique.

[Marcio Disney]

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