Friday, November 19, 2010

Mr. Dawes, Sr. in Mary Poppins

Q: I've always wondered why Dick Van Dyke played Mr. Dawes, Sr. in Mary Poppins. I understand why in films like The Wizard of Oz, for instance, Margaret Hamilton played the Wicked Witch and Miss Gulch, or Christopher Reeve played Clark Kent and Superman — it's integral/connected to the stories. But I've never been able to figure out the meaning of the dual Van Dyke roles.
Steve, Rochester Hills, Michigan

A [Dave Smith]: Supposedly, Dick Van Dyke very much wanted to play Mr. Dawes, Sr. and even prepared a screen test to show Walt Disney that he could believably portray the old man.

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  1. It's just my opinion but I think he wanted the part because of it's very different nature plus he could do a lot of slapstick/prat falls and be even more comical in disguise as the exaggerated old man. The other older men that accompany him are not as exaggerated as Van Dyke's portrayal.


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