Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Family Reading Program Read, Write, and Draw hosted by Vincent Price

Q: This may not be the place to ask this but I thought it couldn't hurt to try. Back in the 1980s, the Disney Channel aired a show called Read, Write, and Draw, hosted by Vincent Price. I'm not sure how old I was exactly, but I do remember that I mailed in a story to the show and received something back from them. I think my story was used on one of the shows but I am not sure. I was wondering if you knew whom I might contact to find that information?
Tracy, Brooklyn, New York 

A [Dave Smith]: The Family Reading Program Read, Write, and Draw was first announced in the January-February 1987 issue of Disney Channel Magazine. The beginning of a story was presented, and kids 12 and under were invited to send in their endings. Starting with the July issue, it was announced that famed actor Vincent Price would be reading some of the stories at various times during the week. The program continued until fall 1988. We have no listings of the contents of the short segments in the Archives, nor do we have copies of them. There is one sample show currently on YouTube. 

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