Tuesday, June 28, 2011

America, Fantasyland, Worlds of Nature and Stories from Other Lands

Q: When I was a child back in the '80s, my parents gave me an older set of Disney books that I absolutely loved. There were four books in the set, they had dark green covers and each book had a different color binding (red, yellow, blue or lighter green, I think). One book had nursery rhymes and fairy tales featuring great illustrations of Disney characters, another had stories like Pollyana, Old Yeller and Darby O'Gill, etc. I don't know what these books were called, but I would love to get copies of them. Do you know the titles, when they were printed and if it is still possible to find these books? I would love to purchase them for my daughter!
Elaine, Orlando, Florida 

A [Dave Smith]: This was a popular mail-order set, called The Wonderful Worlds of Walt Disney, published by Golden Press in 1965, with the four books titled America, Fantasyland, Worlds of Nature and Stories from Other Lands. More than a million of the sets were sold. Copies can be found through used book dealers or on eBay. 


Map of Fantasyland

"Published by Golden Books from 1961 to 1965, this is one of four books in a slip-cover set designed to excite families about the joys that awaited them in the World of Walt Disney. The books included: Fantasyland, Nature, America, and Stories from Other Lands. I found this copy of the Fantasyland book for $4 at my Friends of the Library Bookstore. Boxed sets on eBay run about $30 on the lower end. I like the old-school feel of the illustrations--this is the Disney I grew up with."
- by By Calsidyrose



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  1. My family still owns these! We also own the full set of the 1970 version of Walt Disney Parade.

    A good portion of my exposure to Disney as a child was through these books; I never saw most of the classic movies until I was a teenager.


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