Friday, May 20, 2011

What happened to the signed slabs at the Studio Theatre?

Q: I had the pleasure of meeting you and speaking with you briefly at the Walt Disney Archives 40th Anniversary celebration. Congratulations on this amazing milestone and also on your (and well-deserved) retirement. My question is regarding the Studio Theatre where the event was held. I had the pleasure of visiting the Studio in 2006 and remember there being cement slabs in front of the theatre with the handprints and signatures of Disney Legends such as Julie Andrews, Annette Funicello and Ward Kimball. I noticed at the event that the slabs were gone (as was the Mickey Mouse floor medallion in the lobby). I understand the theatre recently underwent a significant renovation, but what happened to the signed slabs?
Tim, Henderson, Nevada 

A [Dave Smith]: The steps in front of the theater were the original location for the handprints and signatures of the Disney Legends. Because the concrete was weathering, we instead made brass plaques from the handprints and they are now displayed, along with all the more recent ones, in Legends Plaza at the Disney Studio. D23 Members who take the tours of the Studio are able to visit Legends Plaza. The original concrete slabs are saved in one of the Archives' warehouses. 

 Walt Disney Studios 1926-1940. Image via Floyd B. Bariscale.

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