Monday, May 16, 2011

Follow Us… to Walt Disney World - A Promotional Film made in 1984


Q: I am a huge Disney fan (and D23 Member) and a big fan of Walt Disney World with a preference for EPCOT (yes, I still write it as an acronym). Back in the 80s, my wife and I saw a promotional movie about EPCOT that was played before a Disney animation feature (The Great Mouse Detective or The Black Cauldron, I think). This promotional movie ended with a musical if my memory is not playing with me (but I am sure there was a moment with men and women in "futuristic" dress singing and dancing in EPCOT). And more, this was in France! I guess it was part as an incentive to promote overseas customers for Walt Disney World. Any guess where I could see it on the web or as an extra on a DVD? That would be a fantastic emotional trip for my wife and me to see this film again.
Olivier, Auriol, France 

A [Dave Smith]: You may be remembering Follow Us… to Walt Disney World, a promotional film that was made in 1984. It can currently be seen on the Internet on YouTube. 
[Marcio Disney]

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