Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Rainbow Road To Oz

Q: I recently saw an old Disneyland television program on DVD in which the Mouseketeers surprise Walt Disney with a presentation of a musical extravaganza called The Rainbow Road To Oz. On the show it is revealed that the Studio purchased all the rights to all of the other Frank Baum Oz stories and in the DVD Walt promises the kids that he's going to make a wide-screen Technicolor production of The Rainbow Road To Oz. Whatever happened to that promised-to-the-Mouseketeers project. There must be a great story there.
Michael, Burbank, California

A [Dave Smith]: I wish there was a happy ending to that story, as I loved the Oz books as a kid, not to mention the MGM film, but unfortunately The Rainbow Road to Oz was never made as Walt Disney never was able to get a script that satisfied him. We have only the two musical sequences that appeared in that 1957 television show. Our only Oz film was Return to Oz, many years later, and it was not a musical and had nothing to do with the earlier concept.

[Marcio Disney]

Click Here to read The Rainbow Road to Oz - The Oz Film Walt Disney almost Made at suite101.com

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  1. There are three songs performed in the old Disney tv show. The title song, Rainbow Road To Oz, is quite catchy. Who wrote these songs?

  2. Tom Adair and Buddy Baker, two studio composers, wrote all the songs for "Rainbow Road to Oz."

  3. Several of the other songs that were written for "Rainbow Road to Oz" can be heard on the Disneyland LPs, "Songs from The Wizard of Oz" and the Disney Storyteller LP "The Cowardly Lion of Oz," both are lots of fun. There is also a medley of these songs on the new Canadian CD "Songs in the Key of Oz". Inquire at CivicLightOpera@aol.com

  4. Songs in the Key of Oz is available here:

  5. Is there sheet music available for any of these "Rainbow Road to Oz" songs?


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