Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Secret of Boyne Castle

Q: There was a Disney movie in the late '70s that was about a spy from America who was visiting a friend in England and their adventures. I would love to find out the title and see it again. Can you help?
Troy, Apple Valley, California

A [Dave Smith]: You may be remembering The Secret of Boyne Castle, a three-part television show from 1969 starring Glenn Corbett and Kurt Russell. The plot concerns an American agent trying to meet a defecting scientist in Ireland, with the Russians trying to prevent that meeting. It was repeated in 1978 under the title The Spybusters. The film is not currently available.

[Marcio Disney]

This three part Disneyland movie from 1969 runs somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 minutes! That’s something like 20 minutes longer than Citizen Kane! For a movie starring Kurt Russell as an American exchange student running around Ireland trying to avoid getting caught by Commie secret agents!

The 140 minutes includes the opening and ending credits for each individual episode as well as a “last week on Secret of Boyne Castle” recap that played before parts 2 and 3, but even if you cut out those 15 minutes or so, you’re still left with a movie that’s easily a half hour too long.

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This is a scene from Walt Disney's 3-part, made-for-TV feature, "The Secret of Boyne Castle". Originally shown on Disney's "Wonderful World of Color", then re-edited into a feature film for European theatrical release under the title, "Guns In The Heather". Filmed in Ireland in all of its rugged beauty with gothic castles, quaint villages and lively pubs.


  1. Love to see this in DVD

  2. you tube has it full context


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