Friday, September 10, 2010

Molly Bee - Willy Clause

Q: As I child I learned a Christmas song called "Willy Clause." My wife finally found a 45 record of it by Molly Bee from the early '50s. I put it in iTunes and it popped up as a Disney record. Is it a Disney record or was it a glitch?
Stephen, San Bernardino, California

A [Dave Smith]: This was not a Disney song, though it could have been on an early Disney Christmas phonograph record. Molly Bee recorded the song in 1952 on the Capitol label. One fact that might cause confusion: It was written by Mel Leven; Leven worked for Disney on 101 Dalmatians and Babes in Toyland in the 1960s.

[Marcio Disney]

Just Push Play to hear the song

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