Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How were the Countries selected to the World Showcase

Q: First of all, thank you for your historical contributions to all of us as Disney fans. My question focuses on EPCOT. How were the countries selected to create The World Showcase?
Larry, Marion, Indiana

A [Dave Smith]: Disney originally sought sponsorship from governments of different countries (they had in mind a group of key countries which they felt had to be in World Showcase, such as Canada, Mexico, England, China, France, Germany, Italy and Japan) but found such a pursuit to be difficult. Disney then sought sponsorship from companies that operated within the countries, and here they had more success. Canada and Mexico were placed closest to Future World as they are the countries that border the U.S. (originally The American Adventure was to be placed between them). As sponsors were found, the countries of Norway and Morocco were added, though some, including Costa Rica, Spain and Equatorial Africa, never came to fruition.

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