Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clarabelle Cow & Clarice Chipmunk at Disneyland's Celebrate Parade

Q: In the current Celebrate parade at Disneyland, there is a female chipmunk character and a female cow character that performs as part of the parade. Who are these characters? I've asked many people and nobody seems to know where they originated. Also, why were they chosen to be used in this parade?
Jeff, Burbank, California 

A [Dave Smith]: The cow is Clarabelle Cow, who appeared in early Mickey Mouse cartoons. The female chipmunk is Clarice, who played a nightclub singer in the 1952 cartoon Two Chips and a Miss. We always like to bring back some of the lesser-known Disney characters for nostalgia's sake. 

[Marcio Disney]

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  1. Clarabell Cow *one of the originals with mickey minnie and goofy*

    and the girl chipmunk is Clarice. she is from the short "Two Chips and a Miss"


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