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The Telephone on the corner of Main Street, U.S.A.

Q: I am a huge Disney fan and my family and I go to Walt Disney World a lot. I was in a bookstore and saw a book called The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World. I bought it and read about dozens of things that I never knew about, including that there was a telephone near the front of the General Store on the corner of Main Street, U.S.A. and that when you picked it up you could hear a telephone conversation from a lady upstairs. The last time we went to Walt Disney World, I went inside the Emporium because it was on the corner. I found no telephone and asked where it may be and where the General Store on the corner is. The Cast Members did not have an answer to my questions and even looked in my book. Was the telephone taken out in a renovation of the park? Was it even there at all?
Bonnie, Chickamauga, Georgia

A [Dave Smith]: The telephone was in the Main Street Market House until it closed in 2007 and the Crystal Arts shop moved into its space. The phone was moved to a remodeled Chapeau shop in Town Square.

Phone Pics, Info and More Disney Secrets [Marcio Disney]

If you pick up the receiver, you can hear a conversation between a mother and her daughter, Annie. They discuss what they are going to buy at the store, the cost of certain items, and how to attract a man. Every now and then, a nosey eavesdropper, Miss Klump, listens in and is politely told to hang up by the mother. When the Cashiers at the store were asked about it, they just replied, "Of course the tenants upstairs!" or something like that.

Other Secrets:

Tink's Treasures - Look for Tinkerbelle in the Dresser Keyhole
This is no longer there. I asked a cast member and she said it had been taken away in a recent renovation. However you can "call" Tink. Ask the CM and they will give you a bell. If you ring it and yell "Tink" she'll fly over from Pixie Hollow and wave to you. I did it, it was pretty cool.

You can still wake up Tink if you're one of the first people to enter the store at opening. They've eliminated the "battles" by allowing a group of people to do it together now, not just one person/family.

Goofy statue on the bench- sit by him by the front entrance on main street and he will talk.

He's still there outside Tony's Town Square..I've heard him talk in the past but I'm not sure if he still talks. I've heard it depends if there's a Cast Member controling it at the moment you sit.

Fantasia golf- there is a hole that looks like the scene where the bucket throws water over the floor. 1st person to walk over this will set the water squirting.

Outside the Indiana Jones attraction at DHS there is a display with a rope and pulley over a "hole" in the ground. On the rope it says something like "Do not pull rope." If you pull it, you will hear the people down in the hole yell back at you. FYI: sometimes it doesn't do it, if it's been pulled recently

Tom Sawyer Island Paintbrushes! If you go over on one of the first rafts to Tom Sawyer Island, the CM will announce that Tom has misplaced his paintbrushes and if you return one to the CMs you'll get a prize. They are big with bright red or blue handles and aren't really "hidden." They are not hard to find and are usually just laying around somewhere. We've found them at the fort, the wind mill, and the Aunt Polly's seating area (what used to be the snack shop). If you find one you'll get a fastpass to any ride in the park for your entire family. You'll know if they've all been found by whether or not the CM announces it on the raft.

(some say it's just for Splash Mountain or BTMR but it was in the past. Nowadays, you can choose any ride)

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  2. I was in Le Chapeau on Wednesday 11 April 2018 and sadly the receiver was missing from the end of its cord


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